Current In Person Meetings

 Current as of 05-06-2021
(Text 989-492-2023 or email with any changes)


11 am A Daily Reprieve
5103 Eastman Ave Suite 230
Meditation Meeting

Monday - 

6pm WINGS (Women In Need of Good Sobriety)
New Life Vineyard Church
1014 E. Ashman St.
(Big Book Study)

7pm We Are Not Saints
5103 Eastman Avenue
Suite 230

Tuesday - 

6pm Midland Group
Community Center
2205 South Jefferson Ave. 
Room 001A (Basement)
(Topic and Discussion)

7pm No Smoking Group
First United Methodist Church
315 W. Larkin St 
Step Study Meeting

7pm Beaver Road Group
Tri County Worship Center
609 W Midland Road (Auburn)

Wednesday - 

Noon - Brown Bag Group 
Community Center
2205 South Jefferson Ave.
Main Floor towards pool

7pm A Suggested Program Group
Trinity Lutheran Church
3701 Jefferson Ave
Topic Discussion 
(Last Wednesday of the Month is an AA Birthday meeting with a Speaker and sweet treats)

730pm Ryan Group
St Patrick Church
4708 N. Meridian Rd. ( South of M-20)
Topic Discussion


10am First Things First
St Timothy Lutheran Church 
2417 Abbott Road
Topic Discussion & As Bill Sees It

7pm Chapel Lane Group
Chapel Lane Presbyterian Church
5501 Jefferson Ave
Steps and Traditions

8pm Coleman Group
Faith United Methodist Fellowship Hall
310 5th St - Coleman
12 & 12 Study

8pm Sanford Group
Our Lady of Grace Parish St Agnes Church
2486 W. River Rd - Sanford
Steps and Traditions


3pm We Are Not Saints
5103 Eastman Ave 
Suite 230

7pm Tri-County Worship Center
609 W. Midland Road Auburn 
(AA&Alnon Combined)

8pm Friday Night Freedom GroupSTARTS MAY 7th, 2021
Floyd Church of God
1015 W Chippewa River Road
Open Speaker Meeting

Saturday - 

8pm Downtown Group
St Brigid Catholic Church
207 Ashman St
Topic Discussion

Current Local Zoom and Phone Meetings

 Current as of 05-06-2021
(Please email with updates)

Either click on the blue link, or type in the meeting ID and Password


ID: 644 915 2578
PW: 008941


AA is Now
Noon- Phone Meeting 
Dial (425) 436-6308
Passcode: 232984 

6pm Wings (Woman Only) 
ID:655 298 5888    
No Password   
Big Book Study



Noon Brew Your Own Coffee
ID 404 834 7843
PW: 931017

ID: 644 915 2578
PW: 008941
Big Book Study


6pm Wings (Women Only)
ID:655 298 5888
No Password
12&12 Study

ID: 849 5483 2924
PW: 839305


AA is Now
Noon - Phone Meeting 
Dial (425) 436-6308
Passcode: 232984 


District 20 Unity Council Meetings

  • Next meeting: May 9th, 2021 (Mother's Day)

  • Second Sunday of Every Month
  • 3pm
5103 Eastman Avenue
Suite 230
Midland, MI 48640
(upstairs half way down the hall)

Masks are a must!!! 

Open Service Positions: Your District Needs You!

District 20 recently lost some District Service positions, due to retirement and relocations out-of-state. We need a Grapevine Rep. and other positions. ***PLEASE consider joining us in Service to Alcoholics Anonymous.*** Just come to the District meeting, email us at, or let one of the District 20 Council Members know!

"I want the hand of A.A. to always be there. And for that, I am responsible."