District 20, Midland, Michigan

24-hour A.A. Hotline: (989) 698-2975

NEW Meeting List! Date is February 11th, 2020

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OnLine Meetings & Closed for Coronavirus

Sharing from the General Service Office on COVID-19 (coronavirus)  March 16, 2020     Click Here

OnLine Zoom Meeting From Midland:        
No Nonsense Meeting - 

MON-12&12; WED-Discussion & FRI-Meditation
No Pass word needed


Other OnLine Meetings Thoughout the Country - CLICK to find OnLine Meetings   


These Midland Meetings Closed for Now (others maybe closed that have not notified Please eMail MidlandUnity@gmail.com):

Midland Community Center Meetings are Closed
2205 S Jefferson Ave, Midland MI

Memorial Presbyterian Church Meetings are Closed
(1310 Ashman St, Midland, MI)

Unitarian Universalist Church Meetings are Closed
6220 Jefferson Ave, Midland, MI  

Aldergates Methodist Church


7:00am No Non-Sense Live Oak Coffee Shop NOW ZOOM
7:00pm Beginners' Information Groups Mondays, CLOSED
Memorial Presbyterian Church
8:00pm Unitarian Universalist CLOSED


7:00pm Willing to Grow - Big Book Tuesday CLOSED
Memorial Presbyterian Church
8:00pm Midland Group Community Center CLOSED


7:00am No Non-Sense Live Oak Coffee Shop NOW ZOOM
10:00am Coffee's On Group Our Lady of Grace, St Anne's Edenville
Noon Brown Bag Group Community Center CLOSED
7:00pm A Suggested Program Trinity Lutheran CLOSED
8:00pm Unitarian Universalist CLOSED


8:00pm Alderstates Aldergates Methodist Church CLOSED


7:00am No Non-Sense Live Oak Coffee Shop NOW ZOOM
NOON Sunlight of the Spirit Community Center CLOSED
8:00pm Friday Freedom Group at Messiah Lutheran CLOSED
8:00pm Friday Free Thinkers at United Church of Christ CLOSED


11:00am Saturday Morning Group Community Center CLOSED


11:30am A Daily Reprieve Community Center CLOSED
3:00pm First Baptist Church CLOSED
7:00pm at 1016 Recovery CLOSED
8:00pm Unitarian Church CLOSED