District 20, Midland, Michigan

24-hour A.A. Hotline: (989) 698-2975

NEW Meeting List! Date is February 11th, 2020

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OnLine Meetings & Closed for Coronavirus

Sharing from the General Service Office on COVID-19 (coronavirus)  March 16, 2020     Click Here

InPerson Meeting

Social Distance and Please Wear Masks

Tuesday 8pm Community Center-OUTSIDE

Wednesday 10am Edenville

Wednesday 7pm Trinity Lutheran 
A Suggested Program OUTSIDE

Thursday 7pm Chapel Lane Presbyterian Church

Social Distance and Please Wear Masks

Friday 3PM 5103 Eastman Ave Suite 230
We Are Not Saints
Open Meeting

Sunday 8pm  Unitarian Church-OUTSIDE

OnLine Zoom Meetings From Midland:
No Nonsense Meeting
Wednesday Discussion        

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Meeting ID: 789 2805 1405
Password: 1rYzkC

A Daily Reprieve

Password: 1rYzkC


Other OnLine Meetings Thoughout the Country - CLICK to find OnLine Meetings   


These Midland Meetings Closed for Now (others maybe closed that have not notified Please eMail MidlandUnity@gmail.com):

Midland Community Center Meetings are Closed
2205 S Jefferson Ave, Midland MI

Memorial Presbyterian Church Meetings are Closed
(1310 Ashman St, Midland, MI)

Unitarian Universalist Church Meetings are Closed
6220 Jefferson Ave, Midland, MI  

Aldergates Methodist Church


9:10am No Non-Sense Live Oak Coffee Shop CLOSED
7:00pm Beginners' Information Groups Mondays, CLOSED
Memorial Presbyterian Church
8:00pm Unitarian Universalist CLOSED


7:00pm Willing to Grow - Big Book Tuesday CLOSED
Memorial Presbyterian Church
8:00pm Midland Group Community Center CLOSED


9:10am No Non-Sense Live Oak Coffee Shop ON ZOOM SEE ABOVE
10:00am Coffee's On Group Our Lady of Grace, St Anne's Edenville
Noon Brown Bag Group Community Center CLOSED
7:00pm A Suggested Program Trinity Lutheran CLOSED
8:00pm Unitarian Universalist CLOSED


8:00pm Alderstates Aldergates Methodist Church CLOSED


7am No Non-Sense Live Oak Coffee Shop CLOSED
NOON Sunlight of the Spirit Community Center CLOSED
8:00pm Friday Freedom Group at Messiah Lutheran CLOSED
8:00pm Friday Free Thinkers at United Church of Christ CLOSED


11:00am Saturday Morning Group Community Center CLOSED


11:30am A Daily Reprieve Community Center CLOSED
3:00pm First Baptist Church CLOSED
7:00pm at 1016 Recovery CLOSED
8:00pm Unitarian Church CLOSED